IBCLC Services

All prenatal and follow-up IBCLC services are done in my cozy south valley office. I want my office to feel like home, so when you arrive take your shoes off and relax. Initial IBCLC visits are done in the comfort of your home, so I can see you and your baby in the environment where you spend most of your time together.


Types of Visits

  • IBCLC Prenatal Office Consultation – 75min
    • A private breastfeeding class for you, or you and your partner. We will cover everything from the basics of milk production, positioning and latch, to pumping and milk storage.
    • Comprehensive health history and assessment of how your specific health or anatomy concerns may impact lactation and successful breastfeeding.
    • If this not your first baby and you want to address past breastfeeding concerns and make a plan for your new baby, I am happy to help. Together we can make a plan to make this next breastfeeding experience more positive.
  • IBCLC Home Visit – 120min
    • A fully customized visit for you and your baby, addressing your specific concerns
    • Detailed care plan & physician report included
    • Includes 2 weeks of phone, e-mail and/or text follow-up
  • IBCLC Follow-up Office Visit – 75min
    • A customized visit designed to address any new or continuing feeding difficulties.
    • Updated care plan & physician report included
    • Includes 1 week of phone, e-mail and/or text follow-up
  • IBCLC Office Visit – Babyled Weaning Consult – 75min
    • Guidance as you introduce solids to your breastfed baby
    • Guidance for cup feeding and introduction
    • Food and recipe ideas that work for your family
  • Weight Check – 15min
    • If you need a quick weight check on your little one, book a quick visit.
  • Telephone Consult – 30min
    • If you are not ready to meet in person but would like to discuss some concerns over the phone, I am happy to help.

All services can be booked online below.

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