Placenta Alchemy

al·che·my /ˈalkəmē/ noun – a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

The process of taking a beautiful placenta, complete with its own story, and gently transforming it in to nourishing capsules truly is alchemy.


We love placentas around here! The placenta serves a bridge between you and your baby during pregnancy. Through the placenta you are able to provide all the nourishment your baby needs to grow and develop while in the womb.

Nearly all mammals consume their placenta after giving birth in order to retain the important nutrients and hormones.  Placenta encapsulation allows you all the benefits of the placenta in a more modern and palatable way.

Consuming the placenta has been known to:

-balance hormones
-decrease the incidence of postpartum depression
-increase energy and facilitate a faster recovery from birth
-lessen postpartum bleeding
-help with milk production

We offer two different methods for encapsulation, the Raw Method and Traditional Chinese Medicine Method:

Raw Method Encapsulation (Recommended)

The Raw Method involves drying the raw placenta, keeping a higher level of the hormones and nutrients, and leaving the enzymes intact. These placenta pills are known to have more of a “kick”– they contain a higher hormone content than the traditional pills. Mothers often report experiencing a large energy boost when taking them. These can be taken in a smaller dosage, one in the morning and an optional dose in the afternoon or as needed. This method produces more pills and is taken at a smaller dosage, allowing you to enjoy the benefits over a longer period of time.

TCM Encapsulation

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the TCM Method involves steaming the placenta over a broth containing lemon, hot peppers, and ginger; then dehydrating it at a low temperature for several hours, then grinding it into powder form and putting the powder into capsules. TCM placenta pills offer a steady dose of hormones and nutrients. It is often taken as a high dose the first week, and then steadily decreased over the next couple weeks as your hormones balance. While we recommend the Raw Method of encapsulation, we continue to provide TCM encapsulation to mothers who value the original methodology, though it will produce fewer pills which need to be taken more frequently to achieve the same effect.

Our Placenta Encapsulation Bundle is $250 plus tax and includes:

Placenta Capsules
Placenta Print(s)
and an Umbilical Cord Keepsake

If you feel like placenta encapsulation is right for you, you can register and pay for services below.
**Please select the earliest time available on your estimated due date when booking**

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